What is the best way to consume magic mushrooms ?

Eating psilocybin with cocoa is considered by many as the best way to consume magic mushrooms. Ancient Maya and Aztec cultures started consuming magic mushrooms with cocoa in religious rituals more than 3500 years ago. Nowadays, several types of magic mushrooms edibles exist, such as gummies, psilocybin pills, magic mushrooms tea, and even, coffee !

How long do magic mushrooms effects last ?

The duration of the effects depends on the person. Everybody has a different metabolism ! It will also vary with the quantity you take. However, magic mushrooms effects last usually at least 4 hours.

How long do shrooms take to hit ?

It usually takes 30-60 min for the effect to kick in. We recommend going low and slow for beginners.

What are the psilocybin benefits ?

Magic mushrooms are good for you according to researchers. The psilocybin molecule, contained in psilocybin cubensis magic mushrooms, has multiple benefits when consumed in the right quantity.

Research has shown that psilocybin may increase creativity, fight depression and improve your mood. Psilocybin has the potential to be a powerful tool in addiction treatment such as alcohol dependence or smoking. There is no research to suggest that psilocybin itself is addictive. Mushrooms such as psilocybin cubensis, may relieve anxiety and help with PTSD.

One other famous effect magic mushrooms have is ‘Ego death’. This effect is described by many as a powerful life changing experience with a positive effect on mental health.

Why should you try magic mushrooms ?

Along with all the mental health benefits, a magic mushrooms experience using the right penis envy mushrooms dosage, is a fun adventure to experience with your friends !

What are the psilocybin effects consumers want ?

You may feel euphoric and energized. Most people have visual effects like seeing the beauty of the world in a more intense way. You could also have hallucinations. Magic mushrooms are psychedelics. It is best to start with a small dosage of psilocybin to assess your own magic mushrooms tolerance.

What dose of penis envy mushrooms should I take ?

Eating magic mushrooms in the right quantity will allow you to have a safe experience and will limitate magic mushrooms side effects. Depending on your goal you may want to take a different dose.

For a trip using penis envy mushrooms, we recommend a dose between 0.6-0.9g for beginners. 1-2g for intermediate users and 2g or more advanced users. Keep in mind that a person taking 0,6g and someone taking 3g can have very different trippy psychedelic adventures.

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