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As your tolerance builds and shroom trips lack the punch of the good old days, and you want to up the ante, Atlantis Magic Truffles provides the solution to your upgrade. It is similar to Mexicana Magic Truffles, though a bit more potent. It will make you open to awareness, have feelings of euphoria, experience colourful visual effects, and bump your creativity. Place an order from Hollands High Webshop to get a boost to your shroom trips and explore unchartered horizons with Magic Truffles Atlantis.

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Atlantis truffles contain similar dynamic substances as the world popular enchantment mushrooms, otherwise called shrooms, paddo’s pilze, and psilo’s. Psilocybe Atlantis was found in Fulton County, Georgia (US) and is unequivocally identified with the Psilocybe Mexicana. As a prodrug, psilocybin is immediately changed by the body over to psilocin, which has mind-modifying impacts comparable, in certain viewpoints, to those of LSD, mescaline, and DMT. As a rule, the impacts incorporate elation, visual and visualizations, changes in discernment, a mutilated feeling of time, and profound encounters, and can incorporate conceivable unfavorable responses, for example, nausea and fits of anxiety.

Effects of Atlantis Magic Truffles

The impacts of the Atlantis truffles are more extreme than those of the Psilocybe Tampanensis and Psilocybe Mexicana. The stimulating impacts are first-rate (equivalent to the Psilocybe Fantasia in strength), and your inventiveness will blossom. At the same time, you feel rationally connected to the unstoppable force of life and see your general surroundings (previously called reality) in an entirely unexpected way than at any other time. Some may observe philosophic overflows and enlightenment in a high dose in various ways. Others report attaining the power of mind-reading and a solid metal connection.

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It is vital to note, as you commence your trip, you sense odd waves rushing through your body. Worry not, for this is announcing a new ambassador in your body.

How to use Atlantis Magic Truffles

The most straightforward method of utilisation is to eat them. Bite well to stay away from the sickness that one may feel toward the start of the excursion. Biting will likewise cause your body to retain the psilocybin better and quicker. You can likewise make a tea of the Magic Truffles. Leave for 20 minutes in steaming hot water, not bubbling water. Bubbling water will make the dynamic substances separate. The main impacts will be perceptible following 15-30 minutes, and these will endure somewhere in the range of three and six hours. A light excursion is roughly three-five grams (totally different for each individual), and a full bundle of 15 grams is all that you could need for a substantial outing.

Storage and Caution

When put away unopened in the cooler, atlantis truffles can remain new for up to a couple of months. Feeling alright with yourself, a natural climate, and casual individuals around you is the best formula for a decent excursion. Never utilize Magic Truffles, assuming that you are discouraged or awkward with yourself. Enchantment Truffles are not appropriate for individuals younger than 18. Try not to drive affected by psilocybin.


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