Michaela, 32, Marketing Executive, PTSD and depression

Microdosing has allowed me to start to see the difference between who I am and what I actually want, vs what is trauma or a learned survival response…in a really healthy way. It also allowed me to open my heart so much more to myself, my wounds, the people I love, and the ones who hurt me so I can forgive them.  On the 4th day I was put in a situation at work that previously would have sent me spiraling about my value but I was able to stay calm and not internalize because I knew this wasn’t a “me” problem.  Since then I have had so many of these ‘breakthroughs’ and I have felt joy so much more often. I’ve also had an incredibly open heart space. I used to feel like I was waiting for my life to start. Now I finally feel present. And I’m feeling joy and gratitude so much more often.

Christina, 63, Treatment Resistant Depression, PTSD

After 5 days of microdosing with Golden Mind, the relief I have experienced from depression and low mood is tremendous. I have motivation again and am getting things done that have been “back-burnered” for too long. I feel positive about the future again. Trauma from my youth is doing some bubbling up but I’m handling it appropriately now, instead of trying to eat my feelings using sugar. I’m patient with myself instead of experiencing my merciless inner critic 24/7. I appreciated my complimentary session with Wendy to get me started.

Mike 43 Stress, Sleep Issues, Creative Blocks

It’s truly amazing how powerful this product is. There is a shift that happens around the 3rd week of the protocol for me and continues throughout. Stress levels reduce dramatically, improvement in my sleep, creative blocks start to open, and a sense of well being and good vibes start to pour over. It’s a great feeling to navigate life being calm, open and focused throughout each day.

EL, 34 Student, Mother, Major Depression Disorder, Panic Attacks

Anti-depressants don’t work for me, and in fact, they tend to exacerbate my depressive state.  I started my journey with the Elevate blend and within two weeks I was feeling much more clear-minded and conscious of what my body’s needs were. The battle of getting stuck in my thought patterns became easier to navigate. I found that when triggers came up I was able to pause and take a breath to process them. I became less reactive and more solution focused. I was able to move through my feelings with an ease I’d never experienced. I am now a few weeks into my second protocol and I am truly grateful for this journey because for the first time in my life, I feel I have a light at the end of the tunnel. I thank the universe daily for finding my way here and for my sessions with Dr. Victoria. She’s an incredible therapist who not only takes the time to get to know you, but feels with you, and for me that makes all the difference!

Dale, 61 yrs. Alcohol, anxiety

I  am blown away by the results. Apparently, I had some deep-seated angst towards someone I care for dearly. During one of our interactions I spoke my mind like I never have before, but I did it calmly and from the heart. We are getting along better than ever! I think the most remarkable thing is that there are absolutely zero side effects both times I’ve done the different protocols.

Ryan, 44, Depression, Anxiety, Overeating, Grief

So many amazing shifts and life changes I have experienced through microdosing with these healing blends! As someone deeply committed to my ongoing growth and healing journey, I was looking for a tool to support me in getting unstuck from long-standing thought and behavior patterns that were keeping me from experiencing the life I wanted. WOW, did I find it! And I am beyond grateful! I have released over 30 pounds and established a consistent exercise practice – something I have never been able to do. I think I feel the most connected, alive, and present than I ever have in my entire life!

Annie Age 33 Paranoia, Anxiety, Depression

Before I decided to work with Kristin, I had found myself seeing life through the darkest filter I’ve ever experienced. 

I have lived with depression and anxiety for the majority of my adult life and finally reached my breaking point. If at that point I hadn’t decided to do something drastic then I would soon completely lose myself and what sanity I had left. 

Life had thrown me a curve ball and I needed someone to help guide me along the path to healing.

AL, 37, Entrepreneur, Depression, Anxiety, Negative Patterns

The most profound experience of my life – and coming from a life already filled with the incredible highest of highs to lowest dichotomy. I could fill a book with the twists the turns and breakthroughs through ceilings that I previously never knew existed. My mind is never as before. I am freer from the depths of my soul. I am more awakened and the world is so bright after a lifetime of suffering shame, trauma, anxiety and depression. I truly feel a sense of profound consciousness and an awareness like my brain is so much more interconnected and present in the here and now. It has broadened my range in every regard. 

Dive in fellow seekers. Once we realize through free falling – there’s really no bottom, your mind is truly limitless.

NT, 42 Anxiety, Depression and Addiction.

I  have been anxious and depressed for as long as I can remember. I’ve spent the most part of my teenage and adult life taking prescribed pharmaceuticals and self-medicating with alcohol. The medication always made me feel like a shell of myself, just numb and unable to really feel the things. Once I started working with Victoria (an actual life saver), and micro-dosing, it shocked even me how quickly my mood and mostly outlook on my life and world changed. I am less reactive to triggers therefore I find I am making healthier decisions, am still able to FEEL but not go down the dark paths I had before. I do not know where I would be had I not decided to take this journey, and will be forever grateful for it.

Mark M - Army Vet

Love the Microdose , being a combat vet and dealing with my third trip with cancer,this time a rare blood cancer where my body doesn’t reproduce red blood cell and sometimes makes it hard for me to breathe My guardian Angel guided me to mycologypschology and micro dosing and now I work my farm  and have the energy to work on my big Goofy  boat .I’ll never be able to thank you enough for caring so much about my well being and finally a peaceful state of mind 

Rhoda, 41 Depression and Anxiety

By applying a micro dosing protocol to my healing, I was able to process so much of my past in only 3 months time. In my 41 years of life I have used all types of different modalities to try to get better, but micro dosing was unlike anything I had ever done to get myself back to homeostasis. I was able to learn how to rewire my brain, to stop feeding off the chemistry that had been causing my pain, and to understand how much control I have over my life. Life is no longer a dark hole of emptiness where all I used to live for was trying to just get through the day so that I could get back to bed to sleep to find peace. I’m so grateful for Kristin’s knowledge and her ability to help.

CS, female 27, designer. Anxiety, depression and addiction to ketamine

I was avoiding many of my emotions and problems by using dissociative drugs. With macrodosing, I experienced my emotions and was able to address them, I feel more motivated and connected to my team at work. I don’t experience as much fatigue during the day as usual. I feel back in touch with myself and my reality

Kenna, female, 34, Writer, Depression, Anxiety

It’s also been easier to stay organized and focused, which helps me with everything from work to keeping my house clean. While many people use microdosing for productivity, I love it for turning inwards, reading, taking baths, and meditating. I would recommend this to anyone who is struggling with any kind of depression or anxiety for whatever reason!

Jason, 50, Anxiety, Depression

Could not be happier with the protocol. It’s helped me a lot in a very short time. It has elevated my overall mood, all but erased my depression, increased my motivation and allowed me to address some of my past traumas in a very positive and meaningful way. I saw them in a completely different light.

Positivity is flowing!

SV, Female 35, Dance Teacher, Stress, Anxiety

I notice a big change in my mood, I am less stressed and much more playful, relaxed, creative and flowing, I laugh easily and connect better with my partner. I notice how often I was eating due to anxiety and now I feel that my body takes what it needs and I eat healthier. I dropped out my excessive perfectionism. I noticed that my usual hair loss, connected to stress stopped during the treatment

RC, Male 67, Vietnam Vet, PTSD and Cannabis Addiction

I feel less stress and anxiety after my triple bypass surgery. It has also helped my wife to support me during the recovery process

HML, Female 31, Heroin and Cannabis Addiction

“I have been feeling really good, I feel stable with my mental health, my craving for other substances has decreased and not something I desire anymore, I feel very calm, had a few emotional moments but they have been a relief”.

MR, Male 30, entrepreneur

I am feeling great, more present, and more focused. I feel more creative at work, trusting my intuition more when making decisions, or solving problems. It is easier to get in a state of expansion during meditations, my mind is more quiet.

I want to put my parents and my wife on the protocol soon.

PI, Male 28, Professional Athlete and Trainer for Red Bull Extreme Athletes

“I feel more focused and present during training, my mental and physical performance is notably superior. I feel joyful, in peace, connected to nature, and my meditation practice is deeper. I want to share it with everyone!”.

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