Dispensable Vapes

Disposable vape pens are a great alternative to the complex refillable devices that often intimidate new users. Whether you’re a vaping newbie, or an e-juice veteran, disposable vapes are great for anyone who just wants a simple, plug-and-play vaping experience.

However, the fact that they are not meant to be opened and refilled also makes it easy to create fake disposable pens. These fraudulent vapes are often produced using subpar electrical components, or filled with e-juices made with cheaper, harmful chemicals. When you buy a fake disposable vape, the best case scenario is that you’ll end up with a device that has a much lower puff count than advertised.

Unfortunately, most fake disposable vapes resemble legitimate brands’ offerings to a tee, making it difficult, if not impossible to distinguish counterfeit devices from the real deal. This is why you should always purchase your vapes from trusted and verified vendors, such as Vape Shack. It’s the best way to get the smooth vaping experience you’re looking for.

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